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Rønne is the largest town on the Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, offering beautiful nature, charming squares, and half-timbered houses. Bornholm is located on the western part of the island, and the idyllic harbour today is busy with fishing boats, cargo ships, and ferries. Explore the cosy, cobbled streets and the fascinating museums and history that the island has to offer.

The City

With its lively harbor and airport, Rønne is Bornholm's centre of trade and culture. The harbor called Sdr. Bådehavn is the largest one of Bornholm and frequented by ferries, fishing boats and cargo vessels. The town is also the seat of the island's administration and around one-third of the island's population lives here. Rønne has a fascinating history coming under German and Swedish influence during its expansion as a herring fishing port and today with its cobbled streets, half-timbered houses and exciting museums it draws visitors mostly from Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Poland. Indeed, the town is known for its quaint cobbled streets and low-timbered houses so a visit to the streets called Laksegade and Storegade is a must. Stroll around here and explore the many historic houses which were once the homes and trade buildings of merchants and noblemen. In addition, the town also attracts visitors with its whitewashed St. Nicolas Church which stands proudly on the harbour and the graceful 19th-century lighthouse provides plenty of beautiful photo opportunities. This lovely town also called as “garden town” is a great mix of the sea and land and for sure deserves a visit.

Do & See

Rønne, the largest town on the small rocky island of Bornholm offers plenty of exciting things to do for their visitors. Here you can explore everything from fortress ruin Hammerhus or Bornholm's distinctive round churches to beautiful nature like the Antoinette beach. On the island you will also find lots of lovely art and crafts so a visit to Hjorths Fabrik is a must. One of the best way to discover the island is by bike, so why not rent a bike and start exploring?


When in Rønne, you need to experience the food culture in Bornholm, with its fresh Danish food but also in many cases, some foreign delicacies. You will find an extensive selection of restaurants and eateries on the island. Try, for example, one of the high-class gourmet restaurants or visit one of the small cosy restaurants. One stopover you need to do is at one of the smokehouses with their traditional chimneys. Often they are combined restaurant and a shop.


Despite its size and location in the middle of the Baltic, Bornholm offers great shopping opportunities including flea markets, shops, craft workshops and more. Most of the shops are concentrated in the areas of Lille Torv and the Store Torv so stroll around and explore specialist shops with unique items or find many of the well-known chain stores. When on Bornholm you will find lots of arts and crafts, so a visit to a craft workshops is a must and probably you will find one or two souvenirs to bring back home.