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Maska Theatre

“Maska” Theatre in Rzeszow is the only professional theatre in Podkarpackie Province. The theatre repertoire includes plays for children, adolescents and adults. The number of shows per year is 350 on average, and the number of viewers reaches over 55,000. It produces plays on its own stage in Rzeszow and around the entire Podkarpackie Province. The Theatre is engaged in theatre education, which introduces young viewers to the secrets of theatre art. It has a Museum of Theatre Puppets, where you can see dolls, decorations and stage designs. It is involved in the organization of such events as: “Maskarada”, Festival of Theatres of Animated forms and “Sources of Memory. Szajna-Grotowski-Kantor. “ “Maska” Theatre in Rzeszow was created on the basis of The Puppet and Actor Theatre “Kacperek”, a place with a long tradition.

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  • Address: ul. Mickiewicza 13, 35-064 Rzeszów
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  • Phone: +48 17 862 68 08
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