Museum of University of Rzeszów


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Museum of University of Rzeszów

The Museum of the University of Rzeszow, established in 2002, continues the tradition of the Museum of Education. It documents the activities of the University of Rzeszow, established in 2001 through merger of previously existing universities: the Higher School of Education in Rzeszow, subsidiary of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Rzeszow and subsidiary of the University of Agriculture in Rzeszow. Its collections are dominated by historic items: memorabilia documenting the history of the university, collections, awards, distinctions and diplomas related to professors and university staff. The facility organizes temporary exhibitions, meetings, conferences and conducts educational activities. The museum has produced the exhibition “Karol Wojtyla on a tourist trail” exhibited in the courtyard of the curia of Cracow. Another exhibition “Polish Vizier Fefi” was exhibited at the Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Vienna as well as at the international conference “Art and archaeology of the Old Kingdom” at the University of Warsaw.

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  • Address: al. Rejtana 16c, 35-959 Rzeszów
  • Phone: +48 17 872 12 71
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