Nierzeczywista Gallery


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Nierzeczywista Gallery

The Rzeszow Photography Association is a group of photography lovers, professionals and amateurs, who have been cooperating for more than 10 years to develop their skills and promote the art of photography among the inhabitants of Rzeszow and residents of “closer and further surroundings”. It collaborates with associations and photographers from Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia. It organizes exhibitions, including open-type ones, where residents of Rzeszow can present their photos, as well as open air exhibitions, displays, workshops and presentations. The Association is also in charge of Nierzeczywista Gallery — the seat of the association, the RSF photo studio, which is the venue of Monday’s photo shoots, open to the public, photographic operations, displays, exhibitions and meetings.

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The close proximity to the Carpathian mountain range grants a rare beauty to the area, and there are many outdoor activities to explore. But you cannot neglect the charming Old Town and the vibrancy of this city. Admire historical landmarks, like the Lubomirski Palace, the two synagogues and the stunning market square, or visit some of the city's fine museums.