The Rzeszów Cellars


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The Rzeszów Cellars

UNDERGROUND TOURIST ROUTE „RZESZOW CELLARS” Underground Tourist Route, 369 m long, runs under the tenant houses and the Market Square. It consists of 25 basements and 15 corridors, reaching up to 10 m deep under the ground, named to refl ect their functi on and the town’s history. You can fi nd there the relics of medieval walls, signs of fi re, remains of iron bars and hinges, few hundred’s years old hand shaped bricks, hidden passages. In lowe parts various goods were stored and during the Tatar invasions and wars they consti tuted a shelter for the inhabitants of the castle. There is a Tourist Informati on Desk at the entrance to the Underground Tourist Route.

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  • Address: ul. Rynek 12, Rzeszów
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  • Phone: +48 178754774
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  • Address: Tue-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat-Sun 11am-5pm
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